Holiday Gifts for Him & Her Under $10

58 Christmas Gifts for Him & Her…Under $10!!

If you’re still having trouble finding those last little touches that you need in your Christmas gifts. I rounded up 58 amazing gifts that can be used for stocking stuffer’s or just a little extra something. The best part is that these gifts are all under $10, yes, you read that right, UNDER ten dollars, kind of crazy I know but I just had to share them with you. 😀 

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6 Workouts That Will Change Your Body Over Time

Working-out is hard work and needless to say the information out there is overwhelming. Sometimes it just makes you want to give up. I know felt like that for a while, working-out, off and on for years. Until this year, I did something different,

Fitness - Dumbbells - Workout Struggle

How I Overcame My Workout Struggle

One of my biggest life struggle’s has been motivating myself to live a healthier lifestyle…and let’s be honest donuts & pastries sound so good to me every morning….but back to what I was saying, it’s a real struggle for me everyday, seriously.

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow!! It’s a historical week and holiday for fashionistas all around, if you will. Hosting the best designers who set the tone for upcoming fashion trends. This is what we wait for, twice out of the year to get to see what designers have been drumming up in their studios for months. Yet, they keep us in suspense until Fashion Week, where they unleash the most amazing shows and I can’t be mad at that! I love the suspense, mystery and buzz that it brings.

Travel - Captured plane wing, flying over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, California

Travel | Book A Memorable Experience

I love traveling and I cannot explain how giddy it makes me feel to be able to book even the smallest trip. I always like to find the cute-est spots and places to go see that will make the trip memorable by roaming just like locals. The best part is being able to book via Airbnb and hopefully get a chance to meet the host or get a list of their local favorite spots.

Food Pic of the Craft Burger & Tater Tots from Cork & Craft

Local Food Spot – San Diego | The Cork & Craft

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a bit a of a foodie! My posts revolve mostly around food but that’s most of my everyday thing. I love food and it’s a huge part of who I am as a person. I love to find new recipes or local eateries and try other people’s take on food and what it means to them and how they execute it.

So today, I wanted to share with you one of my fave spots in North County and I simply adore the atmosphere and just how chill it is.