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Top Makeup Brand To Try Immediately For Oily – Combination Skin | Makeup Review

Beauty - Picture of Lush Cosmetics Makeup Products; Celestial Facial Moisturizer, Dark Yellow Color Supplement, Charisma Skin Tint, Eye Right Mascara.

I’ve searched high & low for a new makeup brand that is cruelty free and does not irritate my skin since my current brand Tarte no longer matches my skin tone; thanks to the lovely days spent in the sun! Every year I keep trying to move towards a healthier version of myself (which is still a work in progress) and wearing cruelty free makeup is a step towards that mission.

Factors that I considered when I was researching brands (answers in teal are specific to Lush Cosmetics):

  • Is the company cruelty free? Yes!
  • What is in their ingredients? You’ll have to look at each product to see their ingredients. They’re very transparent on which are natural and safe synthetics. Each product ingredient is listed on their website.
  • What other products does the brand offer? They have soaps, deodorants, scrubs, shampoo/conditioner, body lotions and perfumes, etc.
  • Do they carry foundations for olive skin tones? Yes!
  • Can I try it on before I buy? Yes, go check out a location near you!

Other than that there was no expectations of what the products would feel like or look like on. So off I went to my nearest JC Penny’s – Sephora counter to try my first two choices; Kat Von D and Cover Fx yet sadly I wasn’t a match for their foundations.

And then I found Lush Cosmetics literally walking out of Sephora. They really intrigued me by stating that their makeup products are handmade and fresh. Their packaging literally tells you who made the product, when they made it and when it expires…brownie points for taking the guess-work out of that for me!

I chose to try their Celestial Facial Moisturizer, Dark Yellow Foundation, Charisma Skin Tint & Eyes Right Mascara!

Lush Cosmetics Makeup Products

  • the face moisturizer, feels really light, calming and it makes my face feel extremely soft.
  • the foundation, has a very cooling effect and it helps even out my skin tone.
  • the skin tint feels a bit more like a creamy mousse yet goes one very light so it’s definitely build-able.
  • the mascara, I love it because it separates my eyelashes individually yet I’m able to build it, giving me that natural look I’ve craved.
  • the emotional brilliance setting powder seems amazing but I’ll give you an update once I wear it for a few hours (update here).

Lush Cosmetics Makeup - Opened products

After putting on all the products on, I began to start loving it even more because the makeup was so lightweight and natural. I really felt good in my skin and loved not having that dry caked look that other products give me due to my combo skin type!

I hope you enjoyed this review and happy shopping!

*Please note that I am not affiliated with the brand and the photos are originals of the products that I own.

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