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How I Overcame My Workout Struggle

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One of my biggest life struggle’s has been motivating myself to live a healthier lifestyle…and let’s be honest donuts & pastries sound so good to me every morning….but back to what I was saying, it’s a real struggle for me everyday, seriously.

I have to say that food wise, I’ve been so much better about eating healthier, yet it didn’t happen overnight. It took me years to get to where I am and I still indulge (not gonna lie about that). I love donuts, fair food, oh and tacos!! Let’s no start on food! Haha!

I’m at a point in my life where working out is not a question. It’s more of something I have to do, to help my body de-stress and relax, especially after a stressful workday. So, by allowing someone else to take control, it gives me the ability to take a back-seat, and not think twice about what I’m doing.

I don’t go to a gym, I do home workouts in the comfort of my own home. Gym’s have never been my thing and I’ve tried a few memberships before and they didn’t work out for me.

AND trust me, I have a love/hate relationship with working-out. I love feeling de-stressed and more relaxed after working-out, but in no way shape or form do I wake up saying, ‘I love to work out’. I literally dread it every morning, so my trick to working out, is to do it as soon as I wake up. Yup, no coffee or breakfast before I workout. Crazy, I know! But since I’m still waking up, before I know it, I’m already doing warm-ups and my brain is slowly starting to function. So by the time I actually register what I’m doing, I’m mid-way through the routine, fully awake and nearly almost done.

If you’re curious about my workouts they range from 30-45 minutes. I try to workout during the weekdays and give myself the weekends to rest. 

See how I trick myself into working out? And I only do it to eat the foods that I love. Haha! 😉


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