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Latte Making Tips For A Perfect Homemade Cup | Coffee

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Today, we’re chatting about lattes! I love going to coffee shops and having a good latte with the girls. Yet on rainy days not an ounce of me wants to leave the house. So I hope you love latte’s as much as I do because I’m set on figuring out how to make the best latte at home.

I will say that I am guilty of having my espresso machine sit in my pantry but now, I’m starting to learn how to use it. Who wouldn’t want a quality latte at home? So I went through several tutorials and I finally found a video that I loved. Created by eHow Food, hosting Joey Papa who is clear and detailed on how to make a good homemade latte. I re-watched it several times before I got the hang of things and just to make sure I didn’t miss anything I made recap notes below.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the perfect latte at home:

  • Espresso machine
  • Milk pitcher
  • Espresso Tamper (make sure its the right size)
  • Water, enough to fill the tank
  • Finely Ground Espresso Coffee
  • Your choice of milk

A few key takeaways from the video are:

  • Make sure to stop the espresso once the color starts to change.
  • Stop stemming your milk once it quiets down.

Personal Tips:

  • This is really important…use a white mug, trust me, it makes a difference.
  • Also, make sure to keep your espresso machine clean. If you notice a slight funny taste, it’s time to clean out your espresso machine. I usually run vinegar and water about 4 times through it to clean it out.

The one thing I still need to improve on is my latte art but for now I’m happy with making a good latte. I do have to say that I’m improving each day and I love not having to leave the house for one.

Happy Learning!

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