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Recipe Reviews | One Pan Lemon Shrimp & Asparagus

Food Pic of Lemon Shrimp & Asparagus by Minkerr

I’m on the road to finding healthier food recipes for my weekday meal preps. I tend to crave a lot of food with breads like cheeseburgers, pastas and donuts, which you know I love. Since I’m trying to eat healthier I needed a new recipe this week to change it up.

I was dying to try recipes with shrimp in it. So in my search I ran across, ‘ONE PAN, Roasted Lemon Butter Garlic Shrimp and Asparagus‘ by Jen from Carlsbad Cravings. It was exactly what I was looking for and did you note the ‘One Pan’ reference in the title? I’m all in for a 1 pan recipe, which helps with the clean up in the kitchen. I followed Jen’s recipe to the T, with the exception of going a little light on the lemon.

I’m so excited for this recipe. I literally would not make shrimp at home because of how time consuming it is to make it for 1 person; it was just not worth it. If you’re in this same situation, you won’t regret making this one.

After making it, I literally inhaled the shrimp and asparagus! The asparagus was amazing and I used the remaining shrimp in tacos. I always find a way to incorporate tortillas! Let me just say they were delish and I didn’t feel full after eating them, so kudos to me, for not running to grab fast food and loving the recipe.

Picture of the shrimp and asparagus prior to going into the oven, below.

Lemon Butter Shrimp & Asparagus Recipe

I’ve found a new shrimp recipe that I love and now I’m keeping this staple in my future weekly rotations.

If you love shrimp you must give this recipe a try, you won’t regret it.

Stay tuned as I review more recipes to rotate into those weekly meals.


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