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4 Tips On How To Style Scarves

Style Picture of H&M Blanket Scarf

On chilly winter days all I want to do is curl up by the fireplace with some hot coco! Yet, winter brings the best holidays of the year with tons of festivities to dress up for. With freezing temperatures being cozy in my outfits is a must and what better way than layering on a scarf. They come in many fabrics, colors, textures and widths to add a little chicness to your outfits. Not only do they keep you toasty during the winter but they’re perfect as a light layer during the summer.

My favorite style of scarves are the infinity and blanket styles. They are the chunkiest styles making them the best options for a layered look. My best advice when buying scarves is to make sure that you love the patterns and colors. It’ll make is so much easier when picking one out for your favorite outfit. Plus it avoids unwanted scarves from sitting in your closet…and you know have those…the ones that just hang out until the perfect outfit comes around or you’re just completely unsure of what to wear them with. So here are my four styling tips on how to style and coordinate your scarves this winter.

  1. Pair your pattern scarves with solid colors.
  2. Pair your solid scarves with patterned tops.
  3. Solid tops with solids scarves work great but not patterned tops with pattern scarves, it creates too much of a distraction.
  4. Don’t forget they work lovely over anything…seriously! Throw them over a jacket, vests, sweaters, long or short sleeve tops or even a dress.

If you need a little more inspo or just more of a visual, check out my Pinterest board on scarves.

Take a peek at my sale finds for this winter and how I would style them rather than tie them. 

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