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I love traveling and I cannot explain how giddy it makes me feel to be able to book even the smallest trip. I always like to find the cute-est spots and places to go see that will make the trip memorable by roaming just like locals. The best part is being able to book via Airbnb and hopefully get a chance to meet the host or get a list of their local favorite spots.

I think Airbnb is a great way to book new experiences. The site has been amazingly developed to answer all questions such as where to go, restaurants to eat at, etc. Quite honestly, it’s like booking a hotel, they have policies and if something happens you can file a claim. I’ve used Airbnb for a trip abroad, Seattle and for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. Let’s not forget that all the recommendations given are by locals and it’s way more affordable than a hotel.

One of my biggest pointers is that wherever you decide to go, always have a list. What do I mean by that? Literally make a list on your phone of places/things you want to see and restaurants you want to eat at. This way you always have something to look forward to and avoid standing around thinking of where to go next.

The best way to pick a destination based on your budget. For example, if all you can afford is a trip to Vegas make it a memorable one. Even if you’ve been there a thousand times, have you really done everything Vegas has to offer?

I’m not saying to stay on the Las Vegas strip but instead, go off the beaten path and go explore what locals do. Use Airbnb to your advantage and see what locals do for fun, you might just find the perfect experience. The one thing that I love after a trip is coming home, unwinding and being able to just think about the next adventure. I think the hardest part is fitting all the most important places you want to go see first.

One last thing I would say is be open to recommendations!

I know I took a recommendation from Anthony Bourdain’s show on an episode that aired in Copenhagen, Denmark. They posed it as one of the happiest places on earth so I definitely had to see it for myself. You guys, I cannot tell you how happy I was to be able to see it in person. Plus finding our host through Airbnb made our experience a memorable one! 🙂

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